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Join the Grotto

When you join the GROTTO, you become a member in “the Greatest Fraternity That Fellowship Built”.  You automatically become a living part of a great philanthropy….putting smiles on the faces of the physically and mentally challenged.

The GROTTO is a social organization for Master Masons in good standing in their Blue Lodge.  Masonry deals with manhood, square and upright.  Its lessons are beautiful, dignified, and earnest.  Within the GROTTO is a playground for Master Masons.  The organization has nothing to do with symbolic craft-masonry; yet the GROTTO ritual is the most spectacular, colorful, and elaborate ritual seen anywhere.  There is a solemn, serious motif.  The lesson it teaches involves Sympathy and Good Fellowship.  A spiritual uplift results…a keener love for life and laughter…and a will to do and to help the less fortunate through the GROTTO’s humanitarian projects.

Join the happy group of Prophets dedicated to the pleasure of helping those less fortunate.  We NEED you and want you to HELP us HELP others.

Why not walk through the Enchanted Realm today?  You are most welcome to join your many Masonic Brothers in Good Fellowship in the GROTTO.

Download the Petition For Initiation and Membership (Word Doc)

Download the Petition For Initiation and Membership (fillable PDF)