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Dental Care for Children With Special Needs

A Charitable Venture of The Grottoes of North America HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION

The Grotto is a Masonic affiliated Fraternal Organization. Its purpose is to cement the bonds of sympathy and good fellowship among its members, called Prophets. There are Grottoes throughout the United States and Canada. Each Grotto is chartered by the Supreme Council, Grottoes of North America. For years the Grottoes have contributed to Cerebral Palsy Research and a Dental Program to provide needed dental care of many children with special needs.  Members of the Grottoes of North America have labored diligently to provide the necessary fund toward improvement in the oral health status of special needs children, who for some reason beyond their control are too often excluded from the mainstream of dental care. This service is rendered FREE of charge to any child under the age of 18 regardless of race, creed or color. The only prerequisite is that the child must be sponsored by a local Grotto. We do not cover children covered by Medicaid or Medical Care nor any type of orthodontics or reconstructive jaw surgeries. All other dental needs must be preauthorized for payment to the local dentist and\or hospital. Dental care will be provided to a child with special needs under 18 years of age afflicted with any of the following conditions:
1. Cerebral Palsy
2. Muscular Dystrophy
3. Mentally Challenged*
4. Dental Treatment of Organ Transplant Patients

Our Program is always the secondary carrier; however, the program does not cover patients under
Medicaid or Medical Care. According to Medicaid or Medicaid Card laws, a dentist may not submit for any reimbursement once they have submitted bills for payments by Medicaid or Medicaid Card.
All applications submitted to Dental Care for Children with Special Needs are confidential. Each
child must be sponsored by a local Grotto. Most Grottoes have a representative knows as their Dr. of
Smiles who will process the case locally and forward the completed forms to the Humanitarian Foundation Office.

For More Information contact:
Mohassan Grotto’s Dr. of Smiles"
Dr. David Birdsell – 309-235-3132 -